Moni Grace's emo/alternative music covers a spectrum of emotions from life's challenges and healing and recovery experiences.






























Moni Grace is set to release her latest single, available exclusively on bandcamp, on April 15th 2022. The record titled“twentyfour” is the first single off of Grace's third DIY EP, “Cavity".


The biracial-black, autistic, queer, diy alternative and Boston based artists' fourth studio project and release is an emotional-autobiographical- rollercoaster from

Grace’s navigation of her early 20s. The EP "Cavity", set for release in June of 2022, fixates on the liminal moments and  acknowledging their expiration dates.


“Twentyfour” follows the timeline of Grace’s failed relationship, while acknowledging the two sides to the story.


“The concept stems from the saying ‘in order to heal a wound you cannot touch it’,” says the artist when asked about what sparked the idea for the

record. “In order to evolve you must acknowledge and take accountability for moments stemming from liminality to more semi permanent fixtures. I’m very stoked about this EP [Cavity] as a whole and I’m so passionate for this single [twentyfour] because it really embodies the evolution of that.”


The single "twentyfour" features music and lyrics by Monica Grace Whitlock, guitar by Rachel Moon, and

bass, percussion, production, mixing, and mastering by Jake White.


Moni Grace released her last record, “Expiration Date Pt1: Clara” in June of 2021, followed by  her September 2021 single “Tipsy.” Recent releases were featured in Punktastic, Buffablog and among others to much acclaim.