Moni Grace's emo/alternative music covers a spectrum of emotions from life's challenges and healing and recovery experiences. She has released over 20 songs including singles, a debut EP, Expiration Date, PT 1: Clara, and a debut Album, Safer Under the Covers.

Boston’s Moni Grace is only 24, but has already found her voice; addressing issues of sexual assault, violence, self-love and forgiveness through soul-inflected pop-punk. She released her first EP just last year, and already has her debut album out. Over the sixteen songs on the album, she shows a natural knack for combining powerful hooks over guitar-driven, heartfelt music.-
The Indy Review

Moni's debut EP features music and lyrics by Moni Grace, guitar and bass by Rachel Moon, and string arrangements and synths by Junior Padilla courtesy of JPAD MUSIC, and drums, bass, production, mixing, and mastering by Jake White.

The debut album features music and lyrics by Moni Grace, guitar by Moni Grace, Rachel Moon, Cisco V, and Nathan Wright, bass by Jesse Coutu and Nathan Wright, drums by Jesse Coutu and Jake White, piano by John McManus, and audio engineering by Jesse Coutu.

NEW EP: Expiration Date, PT 1: Clara
DEBUT EP: How to Fall in Love with the Concept of Forgetting Pt1
DEBUT ALBUM: Safer Under the Covers